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  1. News

    Project information will be updated here.

  2. Vote

    In there you can VOTE for some new suggestions

  3. Rules

    Mandatory to read

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  4. Fairylaw x250 Game Guide

    Heroes, Drop, Teams and others.

  5. Flood

    We communicate, lay out memes, share interesting news.

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  6. Party search

    Here you can find players for a joint boost.

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  7. Guilds and Alliances

    Guild Recruitment / Membership

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  8. Buy / Sell

    Here you can sell an account or things

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    Here you can make an offer to the Administration

  10. Mistakes

    All errors and shortcomings are written here.

  11. Prison


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    • Now you can reset with "Skull of Fallen Warrior" You can get it from 1 - EROHIM 2 - Golden Archer 3 - Double Goer Event (Doppleganger)      
    • DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE CLIENT AND BE UPDATED 1 - Fixed Some visual bugs 2 - Map Arkania is deleted from server 3 - Added Maps: 1 - Lorencia 2 - Noria 3 - Devias 4 - Added Items: 1 - "Cyclone Sword" 2 - "Blast Breaker" 3 - "Asura" 4 - "Blood Angels Sword" 5 - "Blood Angels Magic Sword" 6 - "Dark Angels Sword" 7 - "Dark Angels Magic Sword" 8 - "Blessed Sword of Archangel" 9 - "Holy Angels Sword" 10 - "Holy Angels Magic Sword" 11 - "Awakening Sword" 12 - "Awakening Magic Sword" 5 - Fixed RESET SYSTEM 6 - Added Jewel of Full 7 - Changed Drop of Events 8 - Changed all 1.5, 2.5, 4, 5, 6 rd Wings 9 - Added new monster 10 - Added new Bosses 11 - Changed Grand Reset System 1 - Credits: 25000 2 - Points: 5000 3 - WCoin: 10000 12 - Command /post changed to /p
    • Now you can reset with "Skull of Fallen Warrior" You can get it from 1 - EROHIM 2 - Golden Archer 3 - Double Goer Event (Doppleganger)    
    • Double Goer - an event in which you will need to defend the portal from those who want to break out on the surface of monsters. These are not just monsters, but the darkest and most powerful sides of Mu Online characters. Therefore, you have to enter into a deadly battle with your second self ... You can get there at any time convenient for you by simply presenting a ticket to the quest NPC Lugard. Each time you start Double Goer, you will be sent to one of the random quest locations. Ticket creation and entry The ticket is created from the Dimensional Sign, which you can find in any part of the continent, killing any monsters above the Dungeon map. Also, this item can be dropped on most events, including Doublegoer itself. Having collected 5 Dimensional Sign in your inventory, a Dimensional Mirror will automatically be created, which is the ticket for the event. These tickets can be any number in the backpack, as well as any number of times a day you can attend the event, if desired. There is no timetable for him.   Next, talk to Lugard, who is on the Lorencia map: After that, you will be moved to one of the four quest locations and the event kicks off. You can go to the event yourself, or as part of a party, but you will not be able to go if the previous players who came to you have not finished yet. Double Goer Battle When the battle begins, an additional interface window appears:            In the interface window, depending on the situation, the following information will be displayed: 1. Time remaining 2. Red mark showing the position of Ice Walker Boss 3. A blue mark displaying your position (to the left of the gray - members of your party, if any) 4. A yellow bar showing the position of the nearest to the beginning of the mob map Your task will be to kill the monsters and not let them get to the beginning of the location until 2 bosses appear. After the first boss is killed, a silver treasure chest will appear. There may be a trap in the form of several poisonous Larva, and if you open it, these monsters will also be your reward. Also, it contains your deserved treasures. Opening the chest you will receive treasures in the form of zen, as well as valuable items. After the death of all the bosses or after the timer expires, the Golden Treasure Box with prizes will appear.
    • Hi guys, On 06/28/2020 from 00.00 to 08:00 Because of the update some parameters on the game, maybe some kind of non-shelves and disconnects. For earlier we apologize. Sincerely, Mu FairyLaw