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  1. Zapraszam do gildi Invite my guild
  2. Tukan


    I did reinstal and again this error
  3. Tukan


    now I have installed on a laptop that I am going to work and such an error has popped up
  4. Tukan


    Hello, I installed a fairlaw on my laptop that I go to work, everything is ok, the strap is loaded to the end, but when it is loaded to the end, I get something like log files stack_20200727_1232.log stack_20200727_1234.log
  5. Tukan


    again have same problem why?? stack_20200718_1904.log stack_20200718_1905.log stack_20200718_1932.log
  6. I am sorry to say that the error is still not got the soul, it's not about the stone anymore, but the error
  7. Tukan

    No rewards for Rr

    Hello, there is a small problem or a bug I did not get Chaos Weapon + 9 for resa and blesa but never mind blesa weapon would be useful to me :)
  8. Tukan


    Hello, I have a problem with connecting to the game, I attach a screen and a log stack_20200718_1932.log
  9. Tukan

    Polish Section

    Siema i zapraszam wszystkich Rodaków do wpisywania sie kto gra i nick ja gram pod Nickiem Tukan pozdro
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