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Game interface



- Left mouse button: Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit
- Right mouse button: using skills / items
- [Ctrl] + mouse click: Attack of another player (PK)
- F1: Help
- F2: Activate general chat messages
- F3: Activate Private Messages On / Off
- F4: Resize the chat window
- F5: Activate the messenger when a message arrives
- F6: Hide Muonline muscular messenger window
- Enter: Open chat window
- Shift: Keep the hero in position
- Space: Automatically pick up objects from the ground
- Print Screen: Take a screenshot (the file is saved in the game folder)
- ALT: Show the names of objects on earth
- 😄 Character options
- I / V: Inventory
- M: Move between locations
- 😧 Automatic command window
- Q: Apply Health Regeneration Potion
- W: Apply Mana Recovery Potion
- E: Use assigned potion
- R: Use the assigned potion.
- F: Open / close the messenger
- P: Party window
- G: guild window
- digits 1 to 9: Switch between assigned skills
- CTRL + digit 1-9: Assign skill to digit

Game teams
- / Party: Create a Party, invite to Party (hover over the player)
- / Guild: Send a request to the Guild to the Master for joining the guild (hover over the player)
- / Trade: Trade (hover over the player)
- / Request: Disable party call (PARTY) and trade (TRADE)
- / Buy: Open a personal store (hover over a player)
- / Duel: Invite another player to a duel (hover over the player)

Command window
The command window can be called up by pressing the "D" key.




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